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Tall Ship
Tall Ship  10 x 8  (unframed)
Moroccan Lamp
Moroccan Lamp  10 x 8  (unframed)
Wintry Scene
Wintry Scene  9 x 8 (unframed)
Camberwell Grove Camberwell Beauty Butterfly Gates

Camberwell Grove    
In gold frame, with dusty pink mount  
20 x 20  (prints available £55).

Camberwell Grove is a street of gracious Georgian houses. In this painting the butterflies escape to freedom, watched over by the Camberwell Beauty



The Old Library, Camberwell
 In gold frame, with midnight blue mount  
20 x 20  (prints available £55).

Gummed paper entrepreneur Samuel Jones adopted the 'Camberwell Beauty' symbol for
his Peckham factory (1920). When this was demolished
in 1982, the beautiful butterfly  mosaic was transferred to the wall of the local library.


Butterfly Gates, Camberwell Green  
In gold frame, with burnt orange mount  
20x20 (prints available £55)  

In 1990 the London Borough of Camberwell commissioned four cast iron gates with the shape and colour of a Camberwell Beauty for the playground on Camberwell Green.


Clowns     Watercolour and collage   16 x 16
Trapeze     Watercolour and collage   16 x 16
Circus Ring
Circus Ring    Watercolour and collage   16 x 16


Cargoes   (in white box frame)   Collage   20 x 15
Eighteenth Century Serenade
Eighteenth Century Serenade   Collage  18 x 16
(in white box frame)
The Great British Takeaway
The Great British Takeaway  24 x 19
Cherry Bakewells
Cherry Bakewell Tarts   Gouache     17 x 13
Bakewell Tarts: Our Secret Recipe
Bakewell Tarts: Our Secret Recipe
Gouache   17 x 13
Lemon Bakewell
Lemon Bakewell Tarts   Gouache    17 x 13
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