Pat Harvey Watercolour Artist
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The Extraordinary Garden
The Extraordinary Garden of Charles Trenet  
Record sleeve, EMI  1990
Cross-Channel Packet
Cross-Channel Packet
CD booklet, Marianne Melodie 2012
Pianos with Braces
Pianos With Braces    CD booklet, EMI   1991
Musique de Genre
Merveilles de la Musique de Genre Vol 2  
CD booklet, EPM   1998
Musique au Salon
Musique au Salon    
 CD booklet, EPM    2001
Musique De Genre Vol 1
Merveilles de la Musique de Genre Vol 1  
CD booklet, EPM  1998
Ace of Hearts
Cover illustration for novel   2010
Cover illustration for novel  2002
Cover illustration for novel  2008
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